Thursday, May 5, 2016

Best Cornerback Of The Redskins....

Frankly in my mind, Bashaud Breeland is the BEST cornerback the Redskins have right now. Nothing personal to to the other corner backs we have. Just haven't seen enough from the other cornerbacks playing in the Redskins system to judge so I have to give to Breeland. 

DeAngelo Hall has moved to safety and with the injuries he has had couldn't take losing him playing cornerback now. Has lost a step also. Chris Culliver has not played anything yet to say. Looked good in practice but how many games to judge. He hasn't played alot so I cannot judge his play in the Redskins system. Played very well for the 49ers. It was a good signing. Josh Norman played exceptionally well for the Panthers but who is to say its the system or if he is just "that" good. Hope he is!

We have saw people come on and off the Redskins squat via free agency who just didn't pan out. Means those two, Culliver and Norman, have alot to prove. Hall looks to be a pretty good safety so doesn't as to him coming back as a cornerback. Breeland when really on his game plays close to it (didn't say how close or near) but plays toe to toe bump and run like Champ Bailey did when he was with the Redskins.

Game tapes might not show for the first couple of games but last 10 he was a monster. Big progression in his game. Sky is the limit if he continues to progress. Hope he does because when he is playing corner while I watch the games I see nothing but a SHUTDOWN corner in the next few years.

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