Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eddie Smith Personal Trainer at Adrenaline Training

Here to help towards your fitness, weight loss goals and also to help athletes reach the next level in sports. Home personal training, at your apartment complex, or work fitness center. Even in your living room. Who says you need fancy equipment or a big space to get a workout? Not even!

My name is Eddie Smith. High School Baseball Coach, NASM Cerified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NPTI Certified Personal Trainer, NPTI Nutritional Specialist, BA Exercise Science, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, Former College Sports Athlete (cross country, indoor track, and baseball). 8 years Experience.


Business provided in the Washington, DC.

$35 per hour
$50 for 2 people during a session
Group of 5 or more ($20 per person)
Also Rates on Packages!
5 Sessions for $170.00
10 Sessions for $340.00

Monthly Rates:
Monthly 3 Day A Week Ongoing Special of $300
Monthly 2 Per Person 3 Day A Week Ongoing Special of $500

If you are interested please call or text me at 2022109534 or email me eddie9920@gmail.com

Thank you for reading and Have a wonderful day :D


Robert Olson Robert Olson
Independent International Affairs Professional
Eddie is by far the best personnel trainer I have every had.
September 3, 2013, Robert was Eddie's client
Helen BoyleHelen N Boyle
Senior Literacy Advisor at EDC
Eddie is a skilled personal trainer who is fun to work with. He is good at motivating clients, challenging them and coming up with varied and interesting workouts. I highly recommend him.
August 23, 2013, Helen N was Eddie's client
Sid BalmanSid Balman
Principal at Turner Strategies
Eddie trained my son the summer prior to his final year in high school football. Eddie tailored the program for strength, speed, quickness and weight gain. The results were very good, and as a result my son signed with a Division 1 university, where he played all four years.

Unlike many trainers, however, Eddie has the intangibles a parent wants in someone with whom your child will spend so much time. Eddie is intelligent, honest, compassionate and builds strong relationships with his clients.

I would use Eddie again without hesitation for any training needs that might arise for my family.
August 22, 2013, Sid was Eddie's client
Ann Malcolm
Owner, Malcolm Real Estate
Eddie was a great personal trainer who worked with me twice a week for about 3 years. I was sorry to see Eddie leave the Washington DC area. He was a great trainer for me, for my stamina, for toning my body, and for my over health. I highly recommend Eddie as a personal trainer.
August 20, 2013, Ann was Eddie's client
Donald MorencyDonald Morency
--Consultant specializing in government affairs and business development
Eddie was my personal trainer two times a week for more than six years until he joined the U.S. Army. With his professional skills he has made my 76 year old body stronger and flexible through his emphasis on core training while diversifying our training sessions with a balanced approach to strength training. He is a no nonsense trainer who understands how to maximize your body's ability to maintain a healthy condition. He's a very personable individual, reliable to a fault, trusting, and a team player. I recommend him highly to anyone, young or old who wants to get into shape, maintain one's physical condition, and in my case, to live a long life.
August 20, 2013, Donald was Eddie's client
David YaffeDavid Yaffe
Partner, Van Ness Feldman
Eddie is a great trainer. I was in my late 50's when I hired him through his previous employer/gym. He identified my physical issues and capabilities through the way I walked, stretched, etc., and he designed a program, including warm-ups, to build up the areas that needed work. He, like many trainers, starts with the core, but builds outward. Eddie is fun, he has a positive and outgoing personality--and he will provide that extra oomph to make you do more than you would if left to your own devices.
August 20, 2013, David was Eddie's client
Vanessa BrownVanessa Brown
Realtor, Senior Associate, at Central Properties LLC
Eddie is outstanding and easy to work with start to finish. Whether you just have a question or two, or want a full workup and fitness plan he always makes time for you. Eddie doesn't just talk over you and make off the wall suggestions; he listens to you, understands your goals and will help you move toward them at your own pace. On top of it all he's a great guy and easy to work with.
August 20, 2013, Vanessa was Eddie's client

  • Eddie Smith-Personal Trainer

    Michael CirritoMichael Cirrito
    Michael Cirrito: Director, Classified Marketplace Unit at The Washington Post
    Step aside Tony Horton! Eddie Smith brings muscle confusion and high intensity interval training to whole new levels. I worked out with Eddie for about two years and he consistently pushed me to better results. Eddie brought a creative approach to structuring our time together and effectively focused on strength, balance, and flexibility. I'd recommend him for anybody looking to improve physically.

    David KralikDavid Kralik

    business formation consultant & strategist with a global mindset

    From a Physical training perspective, Eddie really understands how the body works and provides unique training solutions to each person he trains. Like a good coach, he pushes people to achieve their potential but also understands their limits.